"This is a fantastic way to exercise - I've lost weight and toned up and it makes me feel great too. And... my cellulite is fast disappearing!"
Lin R

Hypervibe Vibration Training Prices

About Us

Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Training machines have been developed with the help of physicians and are manufactured in California. They should not be confused with those products widely available in gyms throughout the UK since they have a much wider power range than most.

Our unique Hypergravity machines generate involuntary contractions in the muscle fibre several times a second which increases metabolism and this in turn leads to fat loss, weight reduction, cellulite reduction and improved circulation. Aside from the original intended benefits of increased bone density and muscle strength, the first advantages many users notice are dramatically increased flexibility and range of motion.

Additionally, the body initiates a process of neurological adaption which leads to improved communication between the nervous system and muscle fibre, which helps towards a heightened sense of balance and coordination.

Used in short sets of 1-2 minutes per exercise, an entire workout consists of only 15 minutes. This is equivalent to 1 ½ hours in the gym and can achieve phenomenal results in only a short space of time.

No special clothing is required, although training shoes are recommended.

All training sessions are fully supervised by our team of personal trainers.

In the Hypervibe Studio
In the Hypervibe Studio